Birthday, Beach and Valentine’s Day!

Hello Friends,

It’s a birthday, beach and Valentine’s Day!

Today we are headed to the beach and the Navy Seal Museum in Fort Pierce, Florida.  Ritch and Ed thought it would be fun to go and look at the NavySealMuseum.  They have all kinds of exhibits from different eras.  Ritch really enjoyed seeing the boats and learning about the history of the Navy Seals.  I was really looking forward to going to the beach so Marsha, Sarah and I left the guys there and walked to the beach.

It was a windy day at the beach, but it was beautiful.  The sun was out and the waves were rolling in.  I have always enjoyed being at the beach.  When we would visit my aunts in Philadelphia, we always made it a point to go to Ocean City, NJ to go to the boardwalk and take in the beach.

As we were walking along the beach looking for shells, the waves were really rolling in.  I just couldn’t help myself; I just had to put my feet in the ocean.  At first, the water was a little chilly, but it didn’t take long to get used to the water.  As I was walking along, watching the waves come on shore and even getting hit with sand when the wind blew, I thought about how Jesus told the waves to be still and they were.  How incredible it would have been to have been on that boat and saw Jesus calm the waves.

We had a great time looking for shells and we found some really pretty ones to keep.  We were hoping to find a sand dollar or two, but unfortunately, we did not.  When I was looking at all the different shells, Sarah said to me that she was amazed at God’s creativity and how God made each shell different and so beautiful.  It thrills my heart to see how Sarah is growing in walk with the Lord and appreciating His beautiful creation.

After the beach and the NavySealMuseum, we headed to Bass Pro Shops.  It was Ed’s birthday and we were celebrating his day and he wanted to go, so we went.  As we were driving, Sarah noticed that she had cut her toe on a shell and she wanted to know if I had my doTERRA essential oils with me so she could clean the cut.  I told get out the doTERRA melaleuca oil and clean her toe with that and then to put lavender on after that.  By the time we got home that evening, her toe was fine.  So thankful for our doTERRA oils to help care for my family.

Ed wanted to go to Olive Garden for his birthday and so we went and managed to beat the rush of the dinner crowd.  We had a great time on the beach, at the Navy Seal Museum and celebrating Ed’s birthday at Olive Garden.  Spending time with family is always a good time.

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day and how are we going to spend the day?  We are going to Daytona to check out the cars at the track in Daytona  We bought Sarah a checkered flag and a sharpie just in case she saw a race car driver or two and was able to get their autograph.  We walked through the garage area and looked at the cars and the crews working on them. It was really fun to see.  Ritch really liked the tool boxes and kept saying that he wanted one of those.  I think Ritch really liked the tool boxes more than the cars.  After checking out the garage area, we went down to the inspection area and watched the cars go through inspection.  It was interesting because there were templates for each manufacturer and if the cars didn’t fit within the template, they had to go back to the garage and make repairs and bring the car through again.  We then went to the second area of inspection.  This is where the drivers had to come and weigh in because their weight was added to the total weight of the car.  I had no idea that the driver’s weight made a difference.  While we were watching, Sarah was able to get autographs from 17 different drivers.  It was a lot of fun to actually be that close to the drivers and cool that they would take the time to signs autographs as well.

After a long and fun day at the track, it was time to get on the road and head up to Hampton, South Carolina to visit my husband’s family.  We just stopped by for one day to visit before we headed back to Indiana.

It was a wonderful, fun filled week in Florida and South Carolina.  So thankful for God’s protection while we traveled and for getting us home safely.

We are looking forward to our next adventure whatever that may be.  But for now, it is back to the reality of snow and our routine for school. 



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