doTERRA Essential Oils Journey

Here are just a couple of our favorite doTERRA Essential Oils.

Here are just a couple of our favorite doTERRA Essential Oils.

Good Evening Friends,

I wanted to share with you our doTERRA Essential Oils journey  We started using doTERRA Essential Oils a year ago in our home after I had attended a class and began learning about the oils. 

I was a little skeptical when the class began because I was struggling with the thought that doTERRA Essential Oils really could be safe to use and actually be as effective or even more effective than over-the-counter medications.  As the class when on I became more and more intrigued and wanted to learn more. 

We were headed to Disney World and I wanted to take a couple of oils with me to try while we gone to hopefully help us stay healthy.  After talking with Angela, I decided that I would purchase doTERRA’s On Guard Protective Blend to use to help keep any sickness away and I also purchased the Lemon oil to use in our drinking water to help remove any toxins in our bodies.  We really enjoyed using the oils and none of us got sick on our vacation.

After vacation, I was really impressed with the oils and wanted to learn more and have them in our home to use when we were not feeling well.  I ordered the Family Physician Kit because it came with the 10 essential oils that I really wanted to try.  I had just gotten the kit when Ritch came home from visiting friends in Canada.  He called me on his way home and said that he was not feeling well.  When he got home Saturday night, I began using the On Guard Protective Blend on the bottom of his feet and Breathe on his chest.  Some of you may be wondering why I would put oils on the bottom of his feet, well it is because your feet have the second largest pores in your body and I wanted to get the oils working as quickly as possible.  We continued this regimen for the rest of the weekend and by Monday he was feeling better and even went to work.  I used the On Guard Protective Blend on both Sarah’s feet and my feet to hopefully keep whatever Ritch had away from us, and guess what, it did.  Neither Sarah nor I got what Ritch had.  Now both Ritch and I were really impressed and were ready to implement using the oils full-time in our home. 

Our family has been so blessed by these oils.  They have helped us in many ways.  I also enjoy using the oils when I am cooking. They add so much flavor to some of the dishes that I make.  I am so thankful that I was introduced to the oils and that the Lord has blessed our family with these precious gifts.  All doTERRA Essential Oils are certified pure therapeutic grade so I do not have to worry about putting synthetic ingredients in our bodies.  I am so thankful that doTERRA takes the extra step and makes sure that the oils come from the region in which they are grown and even goes further by testing all the oils to be certain of the purity of each oil.  These oils are truly gifts from the Lord.  He created each and every plant that doTERRA Essential Oils come from. 

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