Snakes, Turtles and Alligators Oh My!!!

Good Evening Friends,

We took the pontoon boat out on an adventure to look for snakes, turtles and alligators.  The sun was shining and the temperature was about 84 degrees.  It was a little windy, but that was not going to stop us from our adventure.

We set out on our adventure and not long after starting out, there was a baby alligator sunning itself along the shore.  We turned around so that we could get a better look at it and to take its picture, but as we turned around, it made its way into the water.  It was fun to watch him watching us from the water.  We watched each other for a few seconds and then we moved on.

We continued up the river until we came to the first lock.  This was so interesting.  We pulled up and they opened the doors and we went into the lock.  Once we were in there, they began to bring in the water.  We went from 9 feet all the way up to 16 feet.  I had never been in a lock before and it was so interesting.  After we were now at the level of the water, we left the lock and continued up the river.

As we traveled up the river, we spotted four turtles along the shore line.  They were all together.  Sarah wondered if they were a family because there were two bigger turtles and two little turtles.

We then came to the second lock.  Again we drove the pontoon into the lock and had the water raise the boat up so that we could continue up the river to the main channel.  We were enjoying the locks and how they worked.

We found our way up to the main channel and found a good place to drop the anchor of the pontoon so we could have some lunch.  While we were sitting there, we saw some fish jump out of the water.  We also saw a water snake swimming along and it went underneath the pontoon.

After lunch, we continue up the main channel looking for more alligators, turtles, fish and snakes.  We saw a several more small alligators and we were really enjoying seeing those, but we wanted to see at least one really big alligator.  We saw several Osprey birds, Cameroon birds, and even a couple of spoonbill birds.  We were so happy with all the creatures we had seen.

The time was getting late and some darker clouds were starting to come in so we decided we needed to head back before it started to rain.  We had to go through the two locks again and finally just before we got back to the dock, we saw a big alligator.  It looked like it was at least six feet long.  We were all happy that we finally saw our big alligator for the day.

After we got home from out pontoon adventure, Marsha and I went to a painting class.  This was so much fun.  We painted a beach scene.  I had never done any painting before and so I was a little worried as to how my picture would turn out, but I am happy with how it did turn out.

We had such a fun day, wonder what adventure we will have tomorrow.



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