Space Then and Now

Good Evening Friends,

Another day, another adventure.  Yesterday, we took the day and went to the Kennedy Space Center  Oh my goodness there is so much to see and do there.  We spent the entire day there and still didn’t see everything.  The Lord blessed us with an absolutely beautiful day with sunny skies and warm weather.

We started the day off with the Atlantis exhibit.  This was incredible.  We started with a short video showing how they came up with the concept of the shuttle program back in the early 70s.  It was not an easy task to figure out how to make it all work as far as getting the astronauts out into space as well as bring them back home.  After seeing this short video, we moved to another room where they showed a movie on the different shuttles.  They ended with the Atlantis on its final mission.  It was absolutely incredible to watch this movie.  After completing this movie, we then entered the exhibit.  There on display, was the Atlantis.  It was HUGE!!!  Also, there was a replica of the Hubble Telescope.  Sarah and Ritch experienced what it would be like to be on the Space Station.  It was a great experience.

We decided that we wanted to take the Cape tour Then to Now.  This tour was filled with so much information.  We learned about the early space program and the developments along the way.  We were able to see some of the old equipment that was used when the space program was started.  We then moved on to Launch Pad 39 where we learned about the astronauts Grissom, White and Chaffee who unfortunately lost their lives while they were on a dress rehearsal for their upcoming mission.  Hearing about this reminded me that the men and women that choose to participate in the Space Program really are taking a risk and there could be serious consequences to this job.  So thankful that they are willing to make this courageous choice.

After taking this tour and seeing pictures from outer space, I am truly amazed at God’s beautiful creation.  God planned every detail and put everything precisely in its place.  I am so thankful that God loved us so much that He made this beautiful planet for us and that He sent His son to take the punishment for our sins.  Much like the astronauts, Jesus knew that there were consequences and yet He still chose to take the punishment for our sins.  So thankful that Jesus chose to be obedient to his Father.

Hope you have enjoyed our space adventure and the adventure will continue….



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