Working in the school room

Today, Sarah and I started to work in the school room. We will be starting school after Labor Day. It is always very exciting to start cleaning and organizing the school room. This will be our 7th year of homeschooling. We will be using a new curriculum this year. I will talk more about that on a later blog post.

It was fun looking through some old papers and remembering what we did last year. This year we were able to purchase two really cool cubbie book cases to use in the school room. We were moving some things around so we could put the book cases in a better spot. This is exciting because now we will have a place to put all of our books. I have always wanted book shelves in our school room, but just never found what I wanted. I was really praying about it when the Lord provided the book cases for us.

Cleaning and organizing the school room is always fun for Sarah. This is a project that she really likes to get involved in because she likes to share her ideas on how the classroom should be set up. I enjoy hearing her ideas as well as putting some of them into place too. Allowing Sarah to have input in getting the school room ready really gets her excited for the new year.

We have more to finish before the school year starts, but we did a good job today.

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